Plant-based diets and veganism seem to be on the rise, so if you’re considering incorporating more leafy greens and less meat into your diet, you probably need some mouthwatering inspiration. We came up with this list of our favorite vegan bloggers, because they somehow create the cheesiest non-dairy nachos and meatiest meatless burgers. Plus, they make eating plant based look just as delicious and accessible as the traditional diet.

Minimalist Baker

Dana, the genius behind this vegan blog (and her cookbook, Everyday Cooking), is a master at making gluten free, dairy free, animal product free food taste incredible. You’ll see her on the Minimalist Baker insta stories always in the kitchen whipping up something new. She puts each recipe through several rounds of testing, always looking for the best substitutes to make sure her food is melty and hearty, which dispels the rumor that all vegan food is salad.

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Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows is a fantastic resource to explore plant based eating. Angela, its creator, talks a lot about learning to love food again after having a tumultuous relationship with it for years — something a lot of people can relate to. The best way to love food, is to really appreciate how it makes you feel. This blog will help you see food as a fuel and to listen to the way your body responds to what you eat. What you’ll probably realize is, the more whole and real the food, the better you’ll feel.

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The Full Helping

When you visit this website, you can expect to dig a little deeper into why you’re searching for a different way to eat and live your life. You might start to ask yourself, “Why am I really interested in going plant based?” Maybe it’s because you’re looking for a more healthful lifestyle, maybe it’s because you’re looking to live a more sustainable good-for-the-earth life. Whatever it is, you’ll find so much more than recipes on The Full Helping.

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Oh My Veggies

Oh My Veggies is a fantastic resource for vegans and vegetarians alike and offers tons of advice on meal planning and sustaining healthy eating when you have a super busy schedule (because who doesn’t, right?). We love this because sometimes making the change is the easy part, it’s sticking to it and maintaining it that’s really hard.

Pickles & Honey

We're new to following Pickles & Honey food adventures, but author, Amanda Maguire, has caught our eye with her gorgeous photos of seasonal plant-based dishes. She shares everything from basics on growing your own sprouts at-home, to 10 ingredient vanilla spice scones. These fresh and simple how-to's will definitely inspire you to get creative in the kitchen.

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