It’s incredible how the change of seasons can dramatically affect your emotions. One day the sun is out and you feel like you’re flying, then the next the leaves are falling and so are your endorphin levels. If you’ve ever experienced the winter blues or any kind of emotional/mental shift as soon as the seasons change, then you know it can be a tough situation. To help avoid this, here are our best tips on getting ahead of it, but of course you should always seek assistance from a professional, as well.

Stay active

Even if you don’t enjoy working out, it’s important to keep yourself moving just like you would in the summer. If you picked up some outdoor yoga classes at the park, try hitting up a studio near your house. Maybe you haven’t discovered a class or a workout that you love yet, but there’s no better time than the present. If you're in LA, here are 5 studios we recommend visiting.

A lot of gyms will start to offer free class passes as the weather changes to entice people to not let the cooler temps keep them from coming. If you can't get into any classes, consider home workouts — there’s tons of options out there now like apps and streaming videos. Plus, this way you can avoid those pesky gym membership fees.

Maintain your relationships

In the summer, it’s easy to call up your friends and ask them to meet you at the farmer’s market or a rooftop bar. In the fall and winter, though, outdoor meet ups become few and far between, and maybe lessens your motivation to get together. Netflix seems like the easier option. But, don’t let the cold stop you from getting out of the house and interacting with people! Hit up museums, new restaurants or even plan a girl’s weekend in the next city over — anything to keep you social. Here are 5 tips on being a tourist in your own town.


Sometimes keeping yourself busy just isn’t enough. If you can feel an issue lingering, it’s best to nip it in the butt and deal with it ASAP. Don’t be afraid of seeing a therapist, either. It’s one of the best forms of self-care and there’s absolutely no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed of it. If anything, you should feel proud for confronting a potential issue head on.

Consider getting a pet

Humans are great, but pets are even better. You never feel any judgement from them and all they want from you is love. There’s a reason dogs are used as therapy animals — because they actually can help to eliminate stress and worry, especially as the seasons begin to change.

Find a good adaptogen

If you’re not sure what an adaptogen is, it’s a natural and holistic way to help you cope with stress. They come in pill or powder form and are made from herbs that help support your adrenal system — the system responsible for managing your body’s hormonal response to stress. There are several different herb combinations that can make up an adaptogen. It's best to talk to a professional such as an acupuncturist, but herbs such as ginseng, ashwaganda and reishi are great starters.