Eating before and after a workout can be confusing. What should you eat before so that you're not hungry, but have energy? What should you eat after to nourish, but not fill you up completely for the next meal? We're weighing in, starting with recommendations for before and after yoga class.

Yoga is generally lower intensity than HIIT workouts, running or other exercises requiring a lot of cardiovascular strength. (Although, hot yoga is up there!) The requirements for calorie and electrolyte replenishment definitely vary per exercise. We're not doctors, so do what feels good for your body, these are simply our tried and true recommendations 😃.

Before, you want to make sure you're focused and energized with a lot of healthy fats, antioxidants and natural sugar. Try these:

  1. 1/2 an avocado
  2. 1 banana
  3. 1 apple
  4. Blueberries & raspberries
  5. About 10 raw almonds

After, you want to replenish your electrolytes and get a good dose of protein. Try these:

  1. Coconut water
  2. Green juice
  3. Hard boiled egg
  4. 1/2 baked sweet potato + almond butter

Did we miss anything? Dish your tips in the comments!