End your summer on a fun, well-fed note this Labor Day weekend, with friends and family gathered around great food. The final weekend to enjoy the fullness of the summer sun (how has it gone by so fast?!) with a tasty menu is steadily approaching. Hosting doesn't have to be stressful — with help from the right recipes — it can be as stress-free as you want. You can do something simple like a taco bar, or check out the below recipes for a smorgasbord of options! Let’s dig in.

Hawaiian Burger

Nothing sounds better than a grilled burger with sweet hints of pineapple for an end of summer festivity (vegetarians, we have an option for you below!). The Hawaiian burger is an instant backyard favorite. Quick to make and full of flavor, pair it with a light IPA and some sweet potato fries. Here's the recipe.

Grilled Corn Crostinis

You can really get creative with this easy appetizer. Sweet corn– grilled to perfection– is a great base to be paired with a mix of additional toppings you or your guests prefer.

Grilled Soy Dipped Shrimp

An awesome appetizer that you can make in minutes. Get protein and flavor in one easy dish. Warning: this can and will go quickly!

Grilled Clams with Herbed Butter

With shellfish, herbs and a dash of lemon, pay homage to the summer that never ends with the ultimate outdoors party entree. Refreshing and delicious, these clams are an entertaining must.

Chicken Salad

A party classic for a reason, chicken salad can stand alone or serve as an great side dish. With a bit of hot sauce in this recipe, try this version with a twist (and a kick!). Get the recipe here.

Pesto Portobello Burger

Delicious and filling, the ideal dish for any vegetarian guests! The portobello is topped with red peppers and provolone (+ major bonus: filled with nutrients like vitamin D).

Summer Cocktails

The key to any gathering: drinks. All four of these cocktails are specially curated for the weekend. From a fruit-infused Proceso to a refreshing Paloma, enjoy the sweet notes of summer in every sip. Get the recipes here.