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Unless you have been living under a rock, or have little-to-no interest in skincare or makeup, you've probably heard of the beauty brand that is currently dominating the market: GLOSSIER. I remember the first time I tried Glossier around 3ish years ago, I was weary of ordering online and saw on Instagram that they had a pop-up at the Nasty Gal store in Santa Monica. I hopped in my car, braved the Friday afternoon Santa Monica traffic, and was greeted by a team of people [some of] which still work at Glossier today (I distinctly remember meeting Emily Weiss herself (!!!!) and Kim Johnson).

My first purchase included the Perfecting Skin Tint, Detox & Hydrating Mask Duo: Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and Moisturizing Moon Mask, and the Balm Dot Com. I remember when I put on the perfecting skin tint and realized that it still didn't cover my blemishes, Kim said "It's supposed to look like your skin, but better." This was a really interesting comment and one that I ~really~ appreciated. I don't need to cover up every little imperfection or create a makeup routine that takes 30+ minutes, then melts off throughout the day? INTO! P.S. Since then, I've repurchased the perfecting skin tint multiple times, it's my staple when I have good skin days.

Glossier is a brand that celebrates the natural beauty in every girl, without trying to cover things up. Skin First, Makeup Second — is their iconic slogan that has at least 700K (Instagram) followers around the world die hard for the brand. So much so, at one point they sold out completely of a slew of their products — including a 10,000 person wait list for their #1 reviewed product Boy Brow.

The revolution of the beauty industry is ever-changing and Glossier is at the forefront, setting the pace for positive, confident girlbosses across the U.S. and soon, internationally. (They just launched international shipping to Canada and the U.K.) This is definitely in-part because of the brand's conversation and loyalty to their customers—nearly every launch since the beginning was driven by community polls and comments via Emily Weiss' beauty website counterpart, Into The Gloss. One thousand people responded to the brand's question on "What is your ideal 'heavy winter' moisturizer?" One thousand!

Emily Weiss, the founder and CEO of Glossier, is the epitome of #girlboss #goals. Not only is she busy leading her team of 85 (soon 200+), planning company retreats, raising up to $34.4 million in venture capital and building out new product ideas... she actually ANSWERS her DM's from random fans.

I'm embarrassing, I know, but... MAJOR! It's not very often that someone of this level of success and with so much on their plate takes the time to answer stuff like this. Thanks, Emily. (I bought the retinol, it's great.)

Now that I've gushed on my love and admiration for how this brand was built, let's talk about THE PRODUCTS!


Milky Jelly Cleanser:

The texture of this cleanser is literally that of 'milky jelly', it's the only way I can describe it. It works to take off makeup and gently cleanse the skin without drying it out. It kind of reminds me of Cetaphil except 50 notches above that in quality and efficiency. I love using this after work - pre workout, but I generally stick to a cleanser that has acne-fighting properties at night. #woes ($18.00, Glossier.com)

Priming Moisturizer:

This is the best everyday/anytime moisturizer I've ever found. It doesn't clog pores or cause breakouts. I feel like it's one of the most universal products they have, for skincare. I always use this following Milky Jelly, ESP pre-workout. It's also an incredible base for makeup. ($25.00, Glossier.com) Priming Moisturizer Rich has many similar properties, except it's much thicker, but not too thick, with a slight lavender scent. It definitely saved my skin this winter when the priming moisturizer itself wasn't enough. ($35.00, Glossier.com)

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack & Moisturizing Moon Mask:

As I mentioned, the masks were a few of the first things I bought from Glossier. The mega greens galaxy pack actually has parsley and spinach in it! It always leaves my skin super clean, I feel like the circulation in my face increases. I keep my moisturizing moon mask in the fridge and use it after I'm at the beach for awhile. It has a luxurious texture and is a great accompaniment to the detox mask. ($22.00, Glossier.com)

The Super Pack Serums:

The super pack includes Super Glow (Vitamin C & Magnesium based), Super Bounce (Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin B5 based) and Super Pure (Niacinamide & Zinc based). They basically covered every 20 to 30-something's skincare woes in these three concentrated serum treatments. I swear by Super Pure to keep inflammation at bay and prevent new acne from forming. I definitely feel like Super Bounce keeps my face bright and wrinkle-free (although let's see what I say when I hit 27 in a few months...). I haven't experimented much with Super Glow since I'm really happy with my Skinceuticals Phloretin CF right now, but I can only imagine it's legit. ($65.00 for all 3, or $28.00 for one, Glossier.com)

Balm Dot Com:

Yessss. This is a must if you're placing an order. And this post is not sponsored at all, I bought everything in the pics with my own money. For realll. The balms leave your lips moisturized but not too glossy. They recently launched additions to the O.G. and Coconut: Mint, Rose (smells amazing), Cherry (perfect light color) and Birthday (little baby sparkles!). I actually love putting coconut on my eyelids (tip from a makeup artist on ITG), and always have a cherry on-hand for those no-makeup makeup days. ($12.00, or 3 for $30, Glossier.com)

Invisible Shield:

This is one of Glossier's newest brand launches, and it's basically a serum disguised as a sunscreen. It has 35 SPF and a ton of other yummy ingredients that actually help your skin, not just sit on it. It's great for anyone who doesn't wear makeup or wears makeup without SPF! ($34.00, Glossier.com)


Boy Brow:

This is literally the single most important step in my routine. BROWS! Goodbye are the days of drawing them in then brushing them out, boy brow is literally the best of both worlds and is the easiest thing to apply. I have the brown and clear, the clear is good for errands when you don't want to look like you have makeup on but also don't want to look too disheveled. My only complaint? It's really tiny, and I've had to reorder countless times. But I guess that's the name of the game! ($16, Glossier.com)


Another easy makeup applicator, haloscope is the dream of girls that love the dew. It's not shiny, just make you look... better. I'm partial to the Topaz (and have never tried Moonstone) because I'm pretty tan. Topaz is a staple everyday, for me. ($22, Glossier.com)

Cloud Paint:

This is a pretty new product for Glossier, as well. It's probably my favorite next to boy brow, TBH. Easy little cream blushes in colors like Puff, Beam, Haze and Dusk. You can mix them together (which they campaigned a lot here), and you only need a little bit. They literally make you look more alive, there's no other way I can say it. A little color on the cheeks goes a LONG way. ($18.00, or 2 for $30, Glossier.com)

Generation G:

I love the idea that you don't need to look in a mirror to apply lipstick. I find that to be true with colors like Leo, Like and Cake, although not so much with the dark colors (much room for error). I got the first round of Gen G, before they updated the packaging and formula, and have to say that the second round is ~much~ better. The darker colors used to come off really easily and only last ~1 hour. I still have to re-apply Gen G more than I'd like, but the colors are on point. I haven't found another brand that comes close to the three that I mentioned above! I always get compliments on Like. ($18.00, Glossier.com)

Stretch Concealer:

This is ALWAYS in my makeup bag. It's the easiest concealer to apply that 'moves and stretches just like skin' (their slogan). It's not total and complete coverage, but that's part of the brand. It definitely does the job to conceal anything that Perfecting Skin Tint didn't get. It's a great jar to have on-hand that won't emphasize dryness or look cakey. ($18.00, Glossier.com)


OK, this is their newest launch, just a few weeks ago! It surprised me, I thought they would launch a mascara for something, but I ordered this (as I always do) and it's so good. I have really oily skin, by 2PM my forehead is shiny, nottt dewy. It's not cute. This really isn't a paid plug for the product, but I looked in the mirror at 4PM the first day I used it and I had ~no shine~. I've tried other mattifying powders before but they either settle into my fine lines (ugh), make me break out or don't work. Thank you againnnnn, Glossier. Bye, oil blotting paper! ($22.00, Glossier.com (with the brush it's $35.00, get the brush.)

It wouldn't be an article on Glossier without my #NoFilterJustGlossier selfie, right?

Wearing; Perfecting Skin Tint in medium, Stretch Concealer in medium, Boy Brow in brown, Balm Dot Com in coconut.

And the latest buzz? They're launching a candle... what?!!!