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Marie Forleo, host of MarieTV, knows a thing or two about having a busy life. After leaving the corporate world, Forleo launched a successful life-coaching business, which now comprises the weekly show she hosts on MarieTV, online training courses and a book. She calls herself a “multi-passionate entrepreneur.”

In this week’s LIVESTRONG.COM podcast, host Michelle Vartan talks to Forleo about managing stress (even good stress!), avoiding burnout and doing less to achieve more.

Forleo's productivity tips include creating a regular meditation practice, exercising, making a to-do list before you go to sleep and making time for music and play. She's particularly passionate about giving career advice, like knowing when and how to say no to opportunities that aren’t quite right and making the most of your workday by “doing less to achieve more.”

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What methods of reducing stress have worked for you? Have you ever had to say no to a good job prospect because it just wasn’t the right fit? Share your stress-management tips in the comments below!

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