What we love about plants - more than their zen vibes - is their ability to clean the air around you. The amount of pollutants floating around our homes, whether in cleaning products, glue, paint or furniture, is abundant. So, what better way to combat these scary toxins than to bring some plant-life beauty into your home? Go ahead, get your (clean) green on with these 5 plants:

Boston Fern

Not only does The Boston Fern help restore moisture in the air, but it also facilitates the removal of formaldehyde, which sneaks into our air through cleaning products, furniture, and building materials. It also helps filter out pollution that can easily get into your home via nearby traffic (major problem for us city dwellers).

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily has one of the best plant names, right? And its beautiful seashell shaped blossom (one of the few indoor plants that blooms) is the perfect combo of beauty and function. This plant is wonderful at combating dangerous mold spores and mildew, and helps to filter the overall air quality.

Rubber Plant

This plant grows tall and sturdy, and aesthetically is gorg if you’re going for the boho chic tree-in-house look. Its stature is a true indicator of its stamina: this plant is low-maintenance, easy to grow, and can thrive in dim lighting. Its thick, rubbery (hence the name) leaves help to remove toxins, especially formaldehyde, from the indoors.


Bring the tropics into your home with some new fronds. The palm tree has been said to have the ability to humidify air to such an extent that they can make the store-bought variety obsolete. Also, the plant helps to eliminate toxins like carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde.

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

This plant is known to remove over 107 pollutants commonly found in homes, and it’s also an abundant supplier of oxygen. Another resilient plant, it can go weeks without watering - so it’s ideal for someone who is looking for something low-maintenance (or is forgetful).

Did we miss any? Dish in the comments!