Seafood Crabs, lobster, shellfish, shrimps with lemon on grill

Blue land crabs are the largest land crab in Florida. They are a terrestrial crab that lives in the coastal zones. They are a game species, so you must have a Florida fishing license or sea fishing license to harvest them. They are often available in local fresh seafood markets. They are easy to prepare, but must be properly cared for before cooking.

Store the crabs properly before cooking. Crabs should be kept alive in a cooler with ice or in a refrigerator. Land crabs should never be stored in water--they will die quickly as they are land-based and breathe oxygen. When you are ready to cook the crabs, warm them to room temperature and make sure they are still moving. Dead crabs spoil quickly and may not be safe to eat.

Heat water in a large double boiler. Once the water is at a fast boil, place the crabs in the upper pot to steam for 20 to 30 minutes. If you do not have a double boiler, you can stack the crabs in a deep cooking pot and boil them, or stack them above the water line in a pot with a few inches of water to steam.

Place whatever seasoning you prefer in a separate pot of cool water. Once the crabs are thoroughly cooked, remove them from the steamer and place them in the seasoned water just long enough to cool and to soak up the flavor from the seasoning.

Remove from the seasoned water and serve.


In some areas crabs have tiny black spots in the body meat. This comes from a tiny parasite. It is very common and is not harmful to humans. A large number of parasites can affect the look and quality of the crab.