The In goop Health summit last weekend was a space for learning, creating community and celebrating health and vitality. From the fresh Tropicana juices, MatchaBar's Moon Juice-infused matcha, Bulletproof Coffee station and Belcampo bone broth upon arrival, it was clear that the goop team wanted to bring their values and aesthetic to life. And they certainly succeeded. They offered everything from crystal readings and auro photos (what? see below) to dream analysis and face massages. The energy walking through the event was almost like everyone was "a kid in a candy store," eager to learn, chat and gather inspiration to go home with. The true value came from the incredible panels of doctors, writers and experts that led discussions about every facet of being well physically, emotionally, spirituality and mentally. Here are five really important takeaways from the day:

Context is everything.

Dr. Habib Sadeghi was the first speaker to take the stage. His captivating, enthusiastic energy opened the discussion with one piece of advice: Always Ask Questions. That's how he started his practice and got to where he is today, after all. Throughout the talk, he continued to introduce gentle reminders to always keep your heart and mind open. "Context is far more important than the content," said Sadeghi. "The being that has the disease is greater and more powerful than the disease the being has." This really stuck with me, with the idea that our minds and bodies are the powerful vessels that have the ability to control the content (thoughts, disease, energy) we hold. The cosmic flow, he explained, is the ability to first break down (catabolism) to then build up (anabolism), and always walk forward from a place of cosmic completion.

Breakfast might not be the most important meal of the day.

The panel on gut health was led by chef Seamus Mullen, including experts Dr. Alejandro Junger, Dr. Steven Gundry and Dr. Amy Meyers. Dr. Junger, founder of The Clean Program, described the gut like "the root of a plant." While each person is unique and they could not give specific advice on what to eat and what not to eat, there was one takeaway to consider: How often and how much are you eating? Considering how our ancestors ate—foraging for food all morning, only eating once or twice per day when they needed to, and sleeping in between—it was interesting to hear that breakfast, right when you wake up, may not be necessary, and the constant intermittent snacking between meals to "rev metabolism" may not be doing us any good. In the words of Dr. Gundry, author of The Plant Paradox, "Give your gut a rest! Remove obstacles, add what is lacking. The human body heals itself." Essentially, eat when you're hungry, or depleted from a workout, and eat whole foods!

Creatively blocked? Keep writing shit, stupid.

In the panel with psychotherapist duo Dr. Phil Stutz and Barry Michels, Stutz explains a one-liner on moving past creative blocks. "Keep writing shit, stupid." Meaning: "Keep Writing" = That's your job, "Shit" = Imperfect work to work through, "Stupid" = Don't trust your own judgement about what you're doing. "Nobody knows the value of something the moment they're creating it," says Michels. You need to be committed to the state of being committed. You need to accept imperfections in order to rejoin the collective and move forward with yourself, your work and relationships. "The only part of you that is infinite is your willingness to move forward in the face of diversity," says Stutz. If you don't hold respect and acceptance for yourself, there is no room for the higher forces to help you move forward. Be kind to yourself, surround yourself with people you trust, and keep creating.

A woman who asks is not demanding, she is nourishing herself.

In the panel about female sexuality and orgasm equality, experts Esther Perel, Jenni Konner and Nicole Daedone talked about moving past sexual shame and opening up about conversations that shouldn't happen behind closed doors. "How do you learn to be open about something you've been told to be quiet about your whole life?" says Esther, on women and sex. These power women spoke about normalizing sex and taking it out of dark corners, the notion that women need to ask for what they want and work with their partners to get them there. Jenni Konner, producer and writer for Girls, explained that the way sex is portrayed in Hollywood is simply not reality, because it's coming from male directors and their views of sex. It's creating an illusion of the reality of sex for women, and more importantly, men! The solution? More female directors, more open conversations about sex: what you need and how to get it.

When doing less is more.

The last panel of the day was led by Gwyneth Paltrow, including female entrepreneurs, moms and celebrities, Cameron Diaz, Tory Burch, Nicole Richie and Miranda Kerr. All of these women have hundreds of balls in the air at once, between caring for their families, starting businesses, acting, modeling, creating and designing, they shed some light on what it takes to make it all happen and how they finally learnt to "put some balls down." Internal trust, forgiveness, excitement, great girlfriends and supportive partners, are all keys to doing what you love, being successful and staying sane. Nicole Richie explained, "When you're excited about something, time expands. Talking and thinking about it creates a vibration." And when it comes to challenges and mistakes we all inevitably make, the consciences was that they're necessary. "They don't happen to you, they happen for you," says Richie. Nobody has the universal answer to getting it all right, but the most important thing is that you recognize mistakes and learn from them. "True self forgiveness is the basis of all healing. You manifest bad things if you hold mistakes in parts of your body," says Paltrow.

My auro photo from Radiant Human - My hands on a machine that read my aura as artist and founder, Christina Lonsdale, snapped my polaroid and came out with this. Purple and orange for channeling creativity and ambition while learning to move through procrastination and embrace collaboration. Thank you, Christina!

Thank you to Gwyneth and the entire goop team!