Growing your own vegetables isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You bought a planter box and some soil, planted veggie seeds, and never saw anything grow - or, something started sprouting, but it slowly withered away. Sound familiar? If you can’t seem to get things to grow - or stay alive - in your vegetable garden, you’re not alone. You might not have the greenest thumb (it’s OK - neither do we), but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow a bountiful garden. Through lots of trial and error, we’ve learned what grows with minimal effort. Here are the easiest things to grow in your vegetable garden:


We’re not exaggerating when we say that zucchini is super easy to grow. Try buying a zucchini plant at your local nursery and planting it in your garden with plenty of room around it - because this thing is going to grow, and fast. Pretty soon, you will have zucchini coming out of your ears, and will be giving it away to friends and neighbors (totally been there).


Tomatoes love the sun, so make sure you plant them in a spot that’s sunny most of the day. The plants themselves are pretty hearty and stand up to pretty much anything (as long as they have water!). The do take awhile to grow, but once they get there, you’ll have a ton of tomatoes at once - caprese salads anyone? We do recommend putting some wiring around your tomato plants to keep the critters out. Squirrels love tomatoes - we learned this the hard way!


By far the easiest to grow, adding herbs to your vegetable garden will keep your dishes filled with flavor all year long. You can buy most herbs already established in pots at your nursery (vs. buying seeds) - we find this to be a bit easier. Basil prefers a warm sunny spot, rosemary can be planted in the sun or shade, and chives can handle basically any soil type or sun level. Bonus: a lot of these great-tasting herbs can actually help keep pests away too - such a win-win!

Green onions

One of our favorite things to grow, you can actually use food scraps (yep - roots you were going to throw out) to get green onion plants started. To sprout your onions, just put the ends (root down) in a cup with water, and let sit for a few days by a window. Once sprouted, transfer your onions to your garden. So simple to grow, and such a versatile vegetable to have on hand in your garden!

Green beans

Beans are one of the easiest vegetables to grow and keep alive. Since they aren't susceptible to many pests and diseases, and grow easily when planted as a seed, you really don’t need to put in much work at all (besides watering of course!). Whether you choose to grow snap peas or regular ol’ green beans, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a bountiful harvest without too much effort.

Any other vegetables that you’re able to grow hassle free? Please share with us - we’d love to hear!