Most of us are constantly dealing with an insidious, silent killer that slowly wears on our minds and bodies: stress. According to a 2012 American Psychological Association study, people who are highly stressed are 30 percent less likely to eat healthy and 25 percent less likely to exercise than people who report low levels of stress. They also get half as much shut-eye. And, FYI, secondhand stress is a thing. To find the stress centers of the U.S., WalletHub compared 150 cities across 27 metrics ranging from average work hours to death and suicide rates. Read on to find out if you’re living in one of America’s most stressed cities. And if you do happen to live in one of these locales, here are a few tips on coping with stress: Find something that makes you laugh, treat yourself to a massage, start keeping a journal or do some cleaning.


10. Montgomery, Alabama

Mongomery is Wallethub’s 10th most stressed city in the U.S. Employment is a big concern there: The city ranked fifth for having the lowest job security.

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9. Newark, New Jersey

While people living in Newark seem to have their health on lock (ranking 127th out of 150 for health-related and safety-related stress), it seems they’ve got other issues to worry about. Newark came in third place on both the worst money-related and family-related stress lists.

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8. New Orleans, Louisiana

Even though it's a famous place for “letting loose,” New Orleans came in eighth on WalletHub’s list of stressed cities. The city ranked 14th when it came to coping with stress, a metric that considered, among other factors, the number of psychologists per capita, prevalence of binge drinking, amount of parkland and rate of physical activity.

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7. Columbus, Georgia

Columbus likely ranked high on WalletHub’s list because it beat every other city for having the most work-related stress. It appears the people there are pulling late nights, early mornings and weekends — it was fourth for most weekly hours worked.

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6. Shreveport, Louisiana

WalletHub’s analysis suggests that health is a major contributor to stress in Shreveport. It has the third highest percent of adults in “fair” or “poor” health and the second fewest psychologists per capita.

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5. Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland came in second for family-related stress, a metric that considers divorce rate and percentage of single parents. It also has the second highest poverty rate of all the cities included in WalletHub’s study.

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4. Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis found its way into the top four most stressed cities in the U.S. for having the second highest crime rate per capita of cities considered, as well as the fourth lowest credit score.

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3. Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham ranked second in both the money-related and health- and safety-related stress categories. It also had the second highest divorce rate and third highest crime rate per capita.

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2. Mobile, Alabama

Another city in Alabama made the list — Mobile. Mobile ranked first in health- and safety-related stress and fourth in work-related stress.

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1. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit topped WalletHub’s list of the most stressed cities in the U.S. It had the lowest credit score, highest poverty rate and third highest divorce rate.

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Was your city listed on the list? Were you surprised by the results? How do you cope with stress?

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