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Hydrogen peroxide therapy is fast gaining popularity through books like "The One Minute Cure" by Madison Cavanaugh. It requires you to place a certain number of drops of 35 percent, food-grade hydrogen peroxide into 6 to 10 oz. of distilled water. Drink this mixture three times per day, then supposedly, this therapy will cause the hydrogen peroxide to release one of its oxygen molecules, thereby oxygenating the body. Remember, hydrogen peroxide can be volatile, and should be taken with caution. Any changes to your diet should be under the guidance of a licensed health care practitioner.

Improved Immune System

The recent book by Madison Cavanaugh reveals how hydrogen peroxide therapy has been used for over a hundred years with much success at treating various ailments. The author claims to have testimonies of people being cured of a plethora of ailments, though she does not herself make any health claims. Ailments people claim to have been helped with or even cured of include, but are not limited to the following: AIDS; cancer; candida; herpes; common colds and influenza; high cholesterol; cardiovascular disease; diabetes type II; Parkinson's Disease; leukemia; yeast infections and food allergies.

Weight Loss

Hydrogen peroxide therapy may also assist in weight loss. This is possible due to the increase in energy that a person receives as a result of the extra oxygen that the peroxide provides to the body. Many people report an almost immediate increase in energy, therefore they are more likely to be active and burn more calories.

Hydrogen peroxide therapy may help support healthy gut flora. The healthy bacteria in your gut are designed for an oxygen rich environment, and would therefore respond well to the increased oxygen in your body. The harmful bacteria cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment, and therefore would be more susceptible to your immune system. This would cause an overall improvement in your digestive system, allowing you to better digest and utilize food and nutrition, which will ultimately help you lose or maintain a healthy weight.

Healthy Brain

One of the most immediate effects, after energy, is clarity of thought. The increased oxygen helps to alleviate the symptoms of an oxygen-starved brain. Due to the increase in air pollution, the book claims that many people are slowly being deprived of oxygen to the brain. The increase in overall oxygen in the body is said to help to reoxygenate the brain, and restore normal brain function.