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Rose essential oil contains the concentrated essences of rose flower petals and hips. This essential oil is sought-after in the perfuming industry because of its timeless, floral and feminine scent. One way to express the essential oils from roses is to use carrier oil to draw out the plant's essence. This technique is a cost friendly alternative to purchasing organic rose essential oil, and it provides you with a natural way of obtaining the oil yourself.

Spread 4 cups of fresh, fragrant rose petals and hips out on a 12-by-12 inch muslin cloth. Select only the most healthy and fragrant botanical materials for this project. Avoid rose petals that are bruised or wilted.

Wrap the muslin cloth up into a sort of sack around the rose hips and petals. Secure it closed with a rubber band so that the petals and hips don't come out of the bag. Drop it into the 1-gallon jar.

Add 16-oz. of organic carrier oil to the jar. Rose hip carrier oil keeps this recipe as pure as possible, but if you can't obtain rose hip carrier oil, you can use coconut carrier oil as a substitute.

Apply firm pressure to the sack of rose petals and hips with the potato masher directly in the jar of carrier oil. Do this to bruise the contents of the muslin sack to help the carrier oil draw the essential oils. Secure the lid on the jar and place it in a cool, dark place for two weeks.

Smash the muslin sack containing the rose petals and hips again with the potato masher. This expresses the essential oil further. Remove the sack from the jar and squeeze it to remove as much oil mixture from it as possible.

Replace the contents of the muslin sack with another fresh, 4 cups of rose petals and hips. Repeat steps 4 and 5 four more times. The more times you replace the materials, the more potent the essential oil will be as a result. Leave each batch of petals and hips in the carrier oil solution for two weeks at a time.

Discard the used petals and hips. You will have a rich and fragrant essential oil.