Square candles
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Candles of different colors historically have had different meanings to various groups. Depending on the reason that the candle is being burned and the culture in which the candle is used, some meanings are religious while others are traditions passed down over centuries.


In many parts of the Western world, a red candle symbolizes passion, love and magnetism. A red candle is often burned during romantic dinners and for Valentine’s Day to symbolize love, attraction and desire.


Some candle enthusiasts attach good luck and health to red candles, in addition to love and passion, and burn red candles to inspire better health or physical vitality.


In astrology, red candles conjure the strong, fiery characteristics of the signs of Scorpio and Aries, as both are strong-willed signs that evoke physical and mental strength and energy.


In parts of Asia, red symbolizes the life force, good fortune and happiness. Asian wedding dresses are often red, and red candles may be used at a wedding as a symbol of the couple's happiness.


Red candles are frequently burned at Christmas as a part of the traditional Christmas colors of red and green.