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Teas or herbal beverages are great alternatives to coffee or soda because many offer nutritional or even healthful benefits. Calli tea is one example and is both a green tea and an herbal beverage; it works to promote positive effects on the mind and body.

What Makes Calli Tea Different?

Calli tea is different from a typical green tea because it contains five healthy herbs: camellia sinensis; lemon extract; chrysanthemum flower; jasmine extract; and Lalang grass. When these herbs are combined with the green tea leaves, they work together to bring balance within the body.

Calli Tea is Strong Antioxidant

Calli tea is known to be a strong deep-tissue cleanser. This is primarily attributed to the camellia sinensis herb which contains catechins--naturally occurring polyphenol chemicals--which are antioxidants shown to be effective in absorbing damaging free radicals. These aid in the body's natural cleansing process.

Calli Tea: Good for Body and Mind

Calli tea has a number of health benefits associated with consumption. They include: dissolving arthritic deposits, breaking down plaque in arteries, dissolving cysts, improving liver function and aiding in digestion. It has also been said to sharpen mental acuity, to work as a natural sleep aid and to help with weight loss.

How to Prepare Calli Tea

Calli tea is very concentrated. Therefore, one tea bag is all it takes for one quart of water. You will want to use hot water, not boiling, as you do not want to kill the living healthful enzymes in the tea. It does not contain any sugar, artificial sweeteners or other chemicals. Feel free to add some honey if you want to sweeten it.

Celebrity Endorsement of Calli Tea

An article in Harper's Bazaar reports actress Sharon Stone is a fan of Calli tea. She refers to it as the "wonder" tea and discusses some of its health and beauty secrets.