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You can use hydrogen peroxide to stop warts on the skin and on the genitals. Careful handling is required, however, since undiluted hydrogen peroxide can burn the skin.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Common Warts

You can apply food-grade hydrogen peroxide (a solution of 35% or 36% percent) to warts with a cotton swab. Treat the wart twice a day by dabbing the hydrogen peroxide on. The wart will initially become white, but over two to three weeks, it will darken and become black. Continue treatment until the wart falls off.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Genital Warts

You can treat genital warts as you would treat common warts by applying hydrogen peroxide with a cotton swab, then waiting for the wart to fall off by itself.

Some people recommend treating genital warts with hydrogen peroxide, then shaving the warts. This is a very dangerous practice, as infection can spread through the cutting of the warts.

Caution in Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Be careful handling undiluted hydrogen peroxide, which can cause damage to the neurological or gastrointestinal systems if ingested, or can even be fatal. If you get hydrogen peroxide on your skin, flush it away immediately with cold water.