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Occasionally a vasectomy operation will result in a painful condition called hematoma in the scrotum. Hematomas are blood clots located outside the blood vessels and are caused by blunt trauma. When caused by vasectomy surgery they are normally accompanied by swelling and discoloration.

Doctor Visit

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Although a serious hematoma as a result of a vasectomy is very rare, treatment should always begin by reporting the side effect to a doctor. This may be the surgeon who performed he operation, but a urologist can also be helpful.
The doctor may instruct you to wait and see if the swelling reduces on its own or may wish to examine the hemotoma right away depending on your symptoms.

Initial Treatment

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Unless it appears to be a severe case or has persisted for an abnormally long time (several weeks), initial treatment of the hemaoma will begin at home. Doctors usually recommend resting the affected area in combination with warm water soaks.
Rest means not only avoiding sexual activity, but any activity which irritates the scrotum or causes pain. It may also be recommended that you wear scrotal support.
Warm water soaks should be done for 20 to 30 minutes at a time two to three times a day unless otherwise directed by your doctor. Some doctors prefer to alternate ice baths with warm baths. It is also likely that your doctor will advise using an over-the-counter pain medication until the swelling subsides.


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Most hematomas will resolve themselves with proper care, but rarely the hemotoma will need to undergo an additional surgery to relieve the pain and aide in healing. During this procedure the surgeon will drain the blood clot from the affected area.
These surgeries are reserved for the most severe cases because they can produce additional unpleasant and painful side effects.