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Nimegen is the brand name of an anti-acne treatment that is manufactured by a Singapore-based company. It is considered the equivalent of the American brand Accutane, which has more or less the same ingredients. Nimegen is an isotretinoin, which is used for its ability to destroy cells that divide rapidly among themselves. This helps prevent the spread of acne. Nimegen also contains testosterone, and testosterone insufficiency can cause acne in some people.


Although it is promoted as a general treatment for acne, nimegen is best when used for acne of two types: acne fulminans (AF) and acne conglabata (AC). In the case of AF, the patient has a sudden onset of ulcerating acne. This is usually followed by fever and polyarthritis-like symptoms. It is generally believed that the cause of this kind of acne is depleted levels of testosterone. Since this is one of the ingredients of nimegen, the testosterone helps tackle this acne. AC is usually seen in men in the 18 to 30 age range. Left untreated, this kind of acne can lead to scarring and disfigurement.


Nimegen is effective to an extent according to Drugs.com. It helps suppress some kinds of acne, but long-term and heavy use are fraught with problems and potentially adverse side effects.

Side Effects

The most important side effect of nimegen is caused by one of its active substances, called isotretinoin. While useful in specific ways, isotretinoin can have highly undesirable side effects. Its most dangerous side effect is that it can cause severe birth defects. According to Drugs.com, women who wish to take nimegen may have to obtain a birth control prescription before their doctor will permit them to take the anti-acne drug.

Some other major side effects are specific to the use of nimegen. Although most of these are the direct result of its active substance, isotretinoin, other substances can be contributors, too. These include dry nose; itching; dry skin; bleeding nose; cracks in the corner of the mouth; joint aches, and in rare cases, skin infections; peeling; hepatitis and hearing impairment.

Dry Skin and Hair

One of the major problems people have experienced after using nimegen is that after using it for a few months, they started having very dry skin and hair. These conditions tend to stop upon the discontinuation of the drug.

Other Effects

Isotretinoin has to be used cautiously when a patient is asthmatic; has high cholesterol; depression; diabetes; liver disease or anorexia nervosa as the drug interactions can cause serious problems in people with these conditions.