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Brewer’s yeast has many uses and is renowned for being beneficial for your health. Athletes, diabetics, and ordinary people who want to improve their skin, hair, and health use it as a supplement. Out of the many uses of Brewer’s yeast, a popular use is to lose weight. Brewer’s yeast is available in the form of powder which can be sprinkled on your food and drinks or used in the form of tablets which you can use if you are not really fond of the taste. Follow the steps below to lose weight using Brewer’s yeast.

Purchase a small packet of brewer's yeast in any form such as in flake form, liquid form, or in the form of pills. Follow the instructions on the packet of the brewer's yeast you have purchased regarding how to use it in your food. If you have purchased the flake form, sprinkle it on your food items. Pour the liquid form into your drinks. Test to see if you like the taste or find it bearable and in which form you prefer using it. If you do not like the taste, use the pill form. Choose the type of yeast you will use.

Begin your morning routine with brewer’s yeast. Mix brewer’s yeast into a glass of water. Take one tablespoon full of flakes or liquid and mix it in with the water. Drink this mixture with an empty stomach every morning for at least two weeks for the results to start showing. Have a low calorie breakfast and do not eat things like pancakes and other heavy food items.

Begin a vegetables and meat diet. Prepare yourself a salad through the course of the day and sprinkle your salad with brewer’s yeast. In the same way, coat your dinner with a thin layer of brewer’s yeast. Instead of munching on snacks throughout the day, provide yourself with fresh and raw vegetables like carrots and cucumbers coated with yeast whenever you are hungry.

As you began your morning routine with a glass of water mixed with yeast, end it in the same manner. Mix brewer’s yeast with a glass of water and drink the mixture before going to bed.


Yeast may work slower than exercise or hard-core dieting.

If you have a tendency to get a yeast infection, do not use the yeast.

Brewer’s yeast may cause minor side effects. If you find these undesirable, discontinue use.