Cooking is important. It not only helps save money, but also helps promote healthy eating. However, cooking produces leftovers and leftovers can be a hassle to store, especially when it is easy to run out of something to store the leftovers in. Sometimes you just have to resort to storing leftovers in metal pans.

Make sure that their is nothing else that you can use to store your leftovers. The ideal leftover food container is a seal-able plastic container. However, sometimes they just aren't available. If this is the case, then you have to resort to other types of containers. Zip lock bags can also be good leftover containers but only if what you are storing is easy and convenient to keep in such a bag. Soups or other large dishes, like roasts, have to be stored differently. If all else fails, use the metal pan that you cooked your food in.

Cover the metal pan. It is best to cover the metal pan with its metal pan lid. If that lid is missing then use either aluminum foil or saran wrap. If you have neither then you can cover the pan with either paper towel or an appropriately sized plate.

Make sure that their will be enough room in your refrigerator for the metal pan by looking into your refrigerator and assessing the size of the metal pan. Make sure that you keep in mind the length, width and depth of the pan.

Clear space for the metal pan in your refrigerator. Make sure that the pan will not hide any other important consumables within your refrigerator. If it is a large metal pan, make sure that you put it as far back into your refrigerator as possible in order to avoid blocking other food items from your view.

Consume the leftovers that are stored in metal pans as quickly as possible. Metal pans are not ideal storage containers and run the risk of having those leftovers stored in metal pans spoil sooner than any other leftovers. Do not consume leftovers that were stored in metal pans longer than just a couple of days.


Only store leftovers in metal pans if you are all out of other alternatives, like plastic containers.


Always make sure that you check the freshness of food stored in metal pans before consuming them.

If you do not feel comfortable consuming food that was stored in metal pans, then don't do so.