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If you are skinny, but would rather be fat, you will be pleased to hear that this is easier than the converse. However, it is still a matter of looking at what your habits are and changing them. What's more, you should probably give some thought as to why you want to get fat -- being fat is generally an indicator of poor health, and if you get extremely overweight, you will find it harder to do many things, such as walking or climbing a flight of stairs.

Cut back on your water consumption and drink soda and other sweet drinks instead. These drinks contain large amounts of calories and simple carbohydrates, but they do not contain any other nutrients, so you will not necessarily be full, even though you will have ingested many calories.

Increase your simple carbohydrate intake. Simple carbohydrates include foods like white bread and other white grains, including white rice and pasta. These foods contain a lot of carbohydrates, but your body can't process them very efficiently and stores them as fat.

Eat larger portions of everything. If you usually have one sandwich for lunch, have two. Scoop yourself some extra potatoes, and order an extra burger when you go to fast food joints.

Exercise regularly. Getting fat is usually a matter of ill health as well, but you can avoid this by performing cardiovascular exercise such as jogging, swimming or biking for around 30 minutes each day.

Ensure that you still get all your necessary vitamins and minerals by keeping vegetables in your diet and continuing to eat fruit. This will help you get fat without getting unhealthy.