When mites infect dogs, it is medically referred to as mange. Mange is a skin diseased caused by mites that invade a dog’s body. They normally attack in large numbers. The mites will feed on the nutrients of their host’s body. Dogs can contract two types of mange, but sarcoptic mange is the only form that can be transmitted to humans. Mites can cause many health concerns for your pet as well as you.

Physical Contact

When a human contracts mange, the condition is referred to as scabies. Humans can get mange through prolonged physical contact with an infected dog. Contact through petting, sleeping in the same bed, playing and sharing the same furniture can allow transmission. When a person becomes infected with scabies, it is usually a mild case. A human can pass on scabies to others through physical contact and sharing bedding and clothing. So, take extra precautions and get treated as soon as possible.

Symptoms in Humans

Symptoms of sarcoptic mange are not hard to miss. You will start to experience itching and irritation on your skin. You might develop a rash that looks like small, blister-like bumps. The areas affected most often are inner elbows, knees, waist, wrists, buttocks, palms of hands, soles of feet, breasts and genitals. When a child is infected, the mites often burrow around the face, neck and scalp.

Treatment for Dogs

Take your dog to the vet to determine your dog's type of mange. Your veterinarian can prescribe the proper type of medication for your dog. Getting your dog treated as soon as possible will prevent discomfort.

Treatment for Humans

Treatment for humans includes a trip to the doctor. If you have scabies or have come in contact with someone who has scabies, you should seek treatment from your doctor. Bathing and over-the-counter preparations will not get rid of scabies. Scabies will go away on its own; however, the waiting for it to do so can be extremely uncomfortable.


A good way to prevent mange is to maintain proper hygiene of your dog. Provide fresh bedding and keep your dog’s vaccinations current. Initiate flea and worm prevention. Give your dog quality and nutritious food. Preventing mange from occurring in your dog can help prevent you from getting infected.