The only thing more fun than dinner parties, is a dinner party with a theme. We teamed up with the fabulous ladies behind twofoldLA to show you how to create a Moroccan-inspired dinner complete with decor tips, DIY napkins and a full meal. First, it’s important to set the mood full of poufs, lambskins, incense, flowers and candles. Whenever we think of Morocco, we think of eclectic, bohemian and fringe – hence these unbelievably easy-to-make napkins. Once you have the decor covered, it’s time to master the menu. Start off with a festive coriander cocktail over some fresh zucchini hummus bites. For the main course, try peach & red onion chicken skewers coupled with a flavor-packed side dish of cumin baked cauliflower and carrots. A big plus to this menu is that there are no dishes competing for the oven or stove top, everything can be made at the same time or in advance. Dessert is something you won’t want to miss. Rose water pudding. Yes, you heard right. A decadent and beautiful homemade pudding with hints of sweet floral. Pair it with a refreshing mint tea to finish. Hungry yet? Watch all of the videos in the playlist above, or go to the full detail pages by scrolling down. ENJOY!