Toothache, Fever and Abscesses

A toothache can cause a fever if your tooth, the root or the gums around your tooth are infected. It can be due to an abscessed tooth, which can be extremely painful. You may have swelling in your jaw or face. Gum disease can cause an abscessed tooth when your gums separate from the tooth, leaving small crevices where bacteria can grow and become infected. Cavities can also cause an infection in the gums if left untreated for a long time. Abscesses can result following dental work, such as a filling. If all of the germs were not removed when the dental work was completed, they continue to grow and infect the tooth. Treatment often involves a root canal, where the root of your tooth is cleaned out and your tooth is resealed. Another treatment is to have your infected tooth removed and your gums are allowed to heal. One more option is for your tooth to be removed and an artificial tooth is implanted. Some of these treatments may require oral antibiotics to make certain that all of the infection is gone.

Toothache, Fever and Sinus Infections

Because of the close proximity of the sinuses to your teeth, you may develop a toothache with a fever as a result of a sinus infection. Infected sinuses may put pressure on your teeth causing pain. If your dentist determines there is nothing wrong with your tooth, he may recommend that you see your doctor regarding your sinuses. Pain from sinus infections sometimes affects more than one tooth. This is a sign that you may not have a tooth problem but a sinus concern instead. If you do not receive treatment for your sinus infection, it could have an impact on your tooth. Treatment for sinus infections involves antibiotics and sometimes nasal cleansing and nasal drops.

Spread of Infection

It is important to seek treatment for an infection in your teeth or gums. Any toothache that lasts longer than one or two days, accompanied by a fever or earache, may be infected. Seek the advice of your dentist as soon as possible. Dental infections left untreated can spread to other tissues or organs. The infection can spread through your sinuses, through your bloodstream or through the lymph nodes.