What Skills Are Required for Massage Therapists?

By LeafTV Editor

Massage therapists must know much more than how to give a decent back rub or how to stretch a person's body. Here is a list of skills required for massage therapists.

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What Skills Are Required For Massage Therapists


Anatomy & Physiology

Massage therapists need extensive knowledge of the human body and its components. A significant portion of schooling is spent on identifying the various parts of the body.


Massage therapists need to be able to identify illnesses, injuries and diseases, and know whether massage is appropriate in each situation.

Massage Modalities

Massage therapists should know a variety of massage modalities in order to accommodate their clients' needs. Some of these modalities will be learned after the initial schooling.

Note Taking

Massage therapists need to be able to chart each client's massage as part of a medical record. This involves learning medical terminology and notation.


Like any medical office, sanitation is key. Massage therapists learn how to sanitize their materials and ensure each client's health is protected.

Business & People Skills

Many massage therapists operate their own practices alongside whatever jobs they may hold. A therapist needs to know basic bookkeeping and marketing skills, as well as interpersonal skills learned through repeated contact with clients who might be in pain or suffering from chronic illness.