Cornbread Muffins

Making moist corn muffins is easy with the help of some easy-to-find ingredients and tricks. There's nothing more frustrating than when you take the time to bake corn muffins and they end up too dry when you bite into them. The muffins should be so moist and delicious that you don't even need any butter.

Don't Overcook Them

Generally you need to bake the muffins for about 18 to 20 minutes, but this varies from oven to oven. Use a toothpick to test if they are done. If the toothpick comes out clean, pull them out of the oven immediately. Muffins generally cook for less time than corn bread because they are individually smaller. It's very important to cool the muffins on a cooling rack. If you place them on top of the oven or even on a counter, where cooler air cannot get to the bottom of the pan, they continue to cook. This can dry out the corn muffins.

Ingredients for Moist Corn Muffins

For corn muffins to be moist, you must include ingredients that add moisture to the muffin. One easily accessible ingredient is canned cream corn. It is extremely inexpensive and easy to find, and adding just 2/3 cup of creamed corn to a batch of nine corn muffins can make them turn out moist. Adding just 1/2 cup of sour cream to your corn muffin recipe adds moisture as well. The creaminess of the sour cream makes for delicious, soft muffins.

Other Tricks

If you're in a rush, using a pre-made cornbread mix such as Jiffy instead of just corn meal, and then adding the rest of the ingredients for corn muffins, including butter, eggs, sour cream, creamed corn and oil, can make fast and easy corn muffins that always turn out well. They will stay moist longer if you store them in an airtight container and don't put them in the refrigerator.