The self-proclaimed “most innovative health club brand in the United States,” Planet Fitness offers exercise equipment, classes, personal trainers, massage chairs and tanning.


Planet Fitness is equipped with level 2 stand-up tanning booths. Users stand upright during the entire session, freely moving their arms and legs, increasing the chance of acquiring an even layer of color on the body.


Tanning bed access is unlimited to those with a Planet Fitness Black Card, who also gain access to Planet fitness massage chairs, half-price cooler drinks, free use of Planet Fitness Franchise Locations, guest privileges and a free T-shirt.


Stand-up booths use 160-watt bulbs, while traditional tanning beds use bulbs in the range of 100 watts. Some members may prefer the stand-up booths because the higher ultraviolet (UV) strength saves time.


According to, tanning is risky business. It notes that the harmful UV radiation from the sun or tanning lamps can lead to wrinkles and pigmentation as well as skin cancer. Users should educate themselves on the risks of tanning before undergoing the treatment.

Fun Fact

As of January 2010, Planet Fitness gives away Tootsie Rolls daily, as a reward for its members, serving free bagels one morning a month and free pizza one night each month.