What Is the Difference Between Red & White Zinfandel?

By Lynn MacPherson

Though they both originate from the same grape, the red and white Zinfandel each have their own distinct personalities. The divergent techniques employed during the wine-making process yield two strikingly different wines.

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Different Processes

According to Vigilant Wine & Food Guide, although both the red and white Zinfandel come from the same Zinfandel grape, the skins are quickly removed after the grapes are crushed when making a white Zinfandel.


White Zinfandel wine is a pale rose color, while the coloring of a red Zinfandel is a deep red, almost black color.


The flavors of these two wines are also in stark contrast, as described by Vigilant Wine & Food Guide. While a white Zinfandel's flavor is described as very sweet, a red Zinfandel's flavor is described as spicy and peppery.

Serving termperatures

A red Zinfandel is best served around 65 degrees while its white counterpart is best served at around 54 degrees.


According to Wine Intro, a white Zinfandel pairs well with foods like fish, pasta and pork, while a red Zinfandel works well with "typical American" food and dishes with thick red sauces.