Two Shots (Tequila)
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The process of making Patron tequila starts with blue agave "pinas," or cores, which are steamed, shredded and macerated with the resulting musts allowed to ferment in wooden vats. The extracted juice is twice distilled in copper stills, filtered and then stored. Both Patron Silver and Reposado are made from 100 percent agave and undergo similar initial processing to reach an alcohol content of 40 percent; from there, they diverge on several counts, mostly visually and in taste.


Patron Silver is crystal clear, whereas Patron Reposado has a light golden hue. The latter's color is derived from its contact with the oak casks in which it is aged.


Patron Reposado is aged for more than two months in oak barrels, unlike Patron Silver, which does not undergo an aging process. Patron Reposado may be considered an intermediate-aged tequila, compared with the darker, more aged Patron Anejo, which is aged a minimum of 12 months.


The aging of Patron Reposado gives it an oaken character, compared with the fresher, clean taste of the unaged Patron Silver. Both tequilas, because they are 100 percent agave, will taste more herbaceous than distilled spirits made from grain. The Silver will have a more forthright agave flavor, while the Reposado will have mellowed because of its interaction with the oak barrels. Patron describes its Silver as "smooth, soft and fresh." The company says its Reposado combines the freshness of Patron Silver with the hint of oak found in Patron Anejo.


Both Patron Silver and Patron Reposado come in lightly stippled handmade glass bottles that are individually numbered for collecting. They are both stoppered by a round cork.

How to Drink

Both types of tequila can be drunk neat, in shots or in mixed drinks. You might find Patron Reposado in a premium margarita. To make a Cool Breeze, mix 1 1/2 ounces of Patron Silver together with soda water over ice. Top with a splash of grapefruit juice and garnish with a slice of lime and a slice of grapefruit. Make a Cortez using 1 part Patron Reposado and 5 parts late-harvest German Riesling and serve in a wine glass.