What Is Rainbow Mystic Topaz?

By LeafTV Editor

The rainbow mystic topaz is not a naturally occurring topaz but refers to a natural topaz that has been treated by chemically bonding titanium to the topaz. This process not only enhances the durability of the topaz but changes the color to be a bright rainbow of reflections. Rainbow mystic topaz is sold under several names and is limited in its production by the company that invented the process of enhancing gemstone color.

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What Is Rainbow Mystic Topaz


Creation Process

The process starts with pale or colorless gemstones. A thin metallic coating of microscopic mineral flakes are bonded to the gemstone and heat treated to bond the coating to the stone. These metallic flakes then reflect throughout the gemstone prisms and create the multi-colored reflections. The process is called physical vapor deposition. Coatings can be applied either the top or bottom of the gemstones.

About the Company

Azotic Coating Technology Inc. created and patented the enhancing process in 1995. Once the stones have been created, they are distributed to wholesalers. The public cannot buy directly from ACT. In the years since inventing the bonding process, ACT Inc, has created over 1800 colors of gemstones. ACT also uses their patented coating process to enhance quartz, cubic zirconia, sapphires and other white or colorless stones.

Rainbow Mystic Topaz Colors

Colors include Mystic Mist, Moon Glow, Mystic Green, Twilight, Cassiopeia, Neptune's Garden, Mystic Blue, Mango Magic, Jasmine Clouds, Indigo Moon and varying shades of pink. Azotic Coating Technology Inc. names each of its color creations but individual jewelers and distributors frequently change the names and this can be confusing for the buyer. For example, enhanced topaz are often sold on cruise ships and the names changed to fit the location of the cruise, such as changing Mystic Fire Green to Mystic Caribbean Topaz or Alaskan Glacier Topaz.

Other Names

The Rainbow Mystic topaz can be found under several name combinations. Other names include the Mystic Topaz, Rainbow Topaz, Titanium Topaz, Mystic Fire Topaz and Rainbow Fire Topaz. All refer to the same mineral-processed topaz.

Care of Stones

While the treated coating is heat bonded and quite hard, care must be used in cleaning the gemstones as the coating is very thin. No acids, abrasives should be used when cleaning nor should these treated gemstones be cleaned in and ultrasonic immersion cleaner. The manufacturer recommends using cleaning supplies approved for opals or pearls or a mild soap and water only.