Caribbean topaz is a designer gemstone that has a beautiful appearance that many prefer to the nondesigner, normal varieties of topaz that include black, pink, orange, clear and blue. Jewelry that includes Caribbean topaz will get a lot of attention because of its unique appearance.


Caribbean topaz, also known as Bermuda topaz and mystic fire topaz, begins as regular white topaz. Azotic Coating Technology, Inc., which is the only producer of this designer gem, officially named it Mystic Topaz and does not refer to it as Caribbean topaz.


Azotic patented a process in 1998 to apply a thin coat of titanium to the bottom of regular topaz. The way light is refracted through the cut gem changes and gives the regular topaz a beautiful blue and green sparkle.


Caribbean topaz does not actually come from the Caribbean, notes the Gem Affair website. The white topaz that it is made from comes from many different places, including the U.S., Brazil, China and Russia.


Topaz is the birthstone for November, and Caribbean topaz makes a particularly nice gift for the special person in your life.


The coating on the underside of Caribbean topaz means that a little more care must be used when cleaning this gem as opposed to others. The lovely effect of the coating will be thrown off with even minor scratches, warns the Gem Affair website, so it is necessary to use mild soap and a gentle touch when cleaning.

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