What is Activia Yogurt For?

By Todd Burton

Activia yogurt is quickly becoming popular for purchase and consumption; the commercials on TV point out the supposed benefits of the product. While it may not be for everyone, Activia yogurt can easily help certain individuals.


Activia yogurt is a food product that aims to improve regularity in those who are having issues with their bodies. It comes in multiple flavors and in a few different forms.


When Activia discusses regularity, it is talking about having bowel movements on a regular basis. Activia is supposed to help regulate bowel movements to stop constipation through its use of probiotics.

Bifidus Regularis

According to Activia, Bifidus Regularis is a specific bacteria that is a version of the bacteria "bifidobacteria" that is found in the colon. The bacteria helps the digestive system to aide in "intestinal transit."


Activia comes in multiple flavors and packages. Activia comes in peach, strawberry, cherry, mixed berry, raspberry, prune and vanilla.


Activia comes in the regular yogurt packaging, but also comes in a more liquid drink form (Activia).This allows for a more convenient, portable package for people on the go.