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Aceite de manzanilla (oil of chamomile) is the Spanish name for the oil-based form of chamomile in Latin America and the Carribean. It is often used as an antiflatulent to help relieve stomach pain and nauseousness.


Aceite de manzanilla is an herb that is used in various treatments and forms, such as teas, creams, lotions and ointment.


This herb has positive effects on skin treatment as Aceite de manzanilla is used to treat skin swelling, as well as cracked and dry skin. In addition, it is used to treat anxiety and digestive problems. Due to its properties as a gentle oil, it eases itching and rashes, and can aid in healing and preventing bacterial infection.


The application for aceite de manzanilla is varied as it is made into lotions, liquid extracts, teas, capsules or tablets. As a cream, it can be rubbed gently onto the skin.

Side Effects

In very rare cases, people can be allergic to aceite de manzanilla. In such cases, rashes, shortness of breath and swelling of the throat can occur as unwanted side effects.


Due to the fact that aceite de manzanilla does not have much scientific evidence to support claims of effectiveness, it is not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat any illness.

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