What Is a Twill Jacket?

By Ingrid Hansen

Twill is a type of diagonal weave, and a twill jacket is a jacket made of material using this weave. Twill is created by weaving the weft thread over the rows of warp thread in a unique way. Some of the fabrics which employ the twill weave are very familiar to us, including chino, tweed and gabardine. The twill weave is used in cotton, wool and blended fabrics.

What Is a Twill Jacket?

Twill Vest Jacket

Find twill vests to wear over blouses and t-shirts. The sturdiness of twill can provide a bit of warmth on spring day.

Stretch Twill

Choose stretch twill fabric for jackets as well as pants and shorts, because it is more durable, resists wrinkling, soiling and it also drapes better than other weaves.

Dressed Up Twill

Boleros and blazers made of cotton twill are fashionable and sturdy. They offer the ease of being washable, unlike suit jackets and boleros made of other fabrics.

Outer Wear

Wear a sturdy cotton twill jacket outdoors for football games, fishing or camping. As a natural fabric, it breathes, which provides both comfort and protection from the elements.

Twill Blends

Go one step further toward fabric sturdiness with a twill blend. Cotton/polyester twill fabrics are great for kids and are often used in school uniforms because they'll withstand thousands of trips through the washer and dryer. Wool/polyester twill is used for suits, skirts and upholstery.