Bronzer is a powder or liquid makeup product applied to the face to give the skin a naturally sun-kissed glow. Bronzers are typically brown and warm-toned. Whether your skin is fair or dark, your bronzer should be one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone. If you want to avoid sun exposure, bronzer helps you achieve the results without the harmful rays.


While bronzer delivers a healthy glow to the skin, it is not to be confused with highlighter. Depending on the formulation of your bronzer, you might also use a highlighting product to acquire a dewy, radiant look.

For instance, if you are using a powder bronzer with a matte finish -- matte indicates that there is no shimmer -- you could add a highlighter to the highest points of your face: forehead, tops of the cheeks, brow bone, cupid's bow and chin. This will brighten and bring light and attention to the skin. Liquid or powder is available. A bronzer, on the other hand, is usually applied to the perimeter of the face: forehead and jawline, as well as the cheeks.

For those with dry skin, liquid bronzers are an alternative to conventional powders because they are more moisturizing and natural-looking. Liquid bronzers will most likely come in a bottle or squeeze tube; apply them using clean fingertips, a makeup sponge or a stippling brush. Liquid formulas provide a dewier finish, and come in a few consistencies -- gel, liquid, cream and oil -- which can all be applied the same way. You'll only need a little bit.


Apply your liquid bronzer or highlighter with clean fingertips or a cosmetic sponge for best results.

For all-over warmth or to deepen the shade of your foundation, add a few drops of liquid bronzer to your foundation before application.

Powder bronzer has a lighter consistency than that of a liquid, which makes it ideal for oily skin. It is often easier to blend and work with than liquids -- the formulation of powder lets you wipe away the excess when you've applied too much. Powder bronzers are best applied with a makeup brush.

Powder bronzers are either shimmer or matte. Matte is used for contouring to add structure and definition as it mimics shadows on the face. Shimmer is used for adding a healthy glow.


A larger, rounded, fluffy brush will disperse the powder bronzer more naturally and evenly. A smaller blush or bronzer brush will apply the color more precisely and in greater concentration.

Buff bronzer in soft, circular motions around your hairline and on tops of cheeks. Sweep backward to blend it. When you've finished your application, use your two clean middle fingers to smooth the bronzer if you need to.