What Happens in a Sensual Massage?

By James Mulcahy

Massage for Couples

Sensual massage is a great way for couples to connect and explore each other's bodies. It can be performed at home, and the session can last as long as you see fit. Licensed massage therapists are not permitted to provide sensual massage, so you will have to explore this titillating touch with an intimate partner.

Massage Oils

Massage oils let your hands glide over every surface of the body. After oil is applied, you'll be able to move your hands over your partner's flesh without breaking contact. There are many oils that are used in aromatherapy treatments, and these can be adapted to increase the sensuality of the massage session. Find a scented oil that you and your partner both enjoy.

Set the Mood

Sensual massage is not just about touch. The entire room should be set up to increase the romantic feel. Consider lighting candles and choose music that you and your partner both enjoy. If you're performing the massage on a bed, choose comfortable sheets and bedding.

Body Strokes

During a sensual massage, use a light touch. The point here is not to dig in deep and manipulate the muscles. It's to stimulate areas of the body that might not receive touch on a regular basis. Sweep your hands gently over areas, even those that might not be considered sensual in nature. Some gentle work to the area behind the knee or light pulls on the ear feel great, and can help the person receiving the massage relax.

Trade Massages

A great way to make the massage experience even more sensual is to trade with your partner. Set a clock for 45 minutes. You have to massage him for this entire time. When the alarm goes off, it's time to trade. It's your turn to get a full 45 minutes of sensual massage.

Go Slow and Explore

Don't rush. To make this massage more enjoyable, slowly move your hands over every part of your partner's body. Don't be afraid to explore different areas and try different strokes. Remember, it's all about enjoyment, so talk to your partner about what he likes and adapt the massage using his instructions.