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People seek out a massage for many reasons. Among these are healing, relaxation, and stress relief. No matter the reason for the massage the ultimate goal is to feel better and relaxed. A table shower, sometimes called a Vichy shower, can add to that relaxation. During a table shower you relax under streams of warm water while your body is cleaned by a therapist.


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Depending on the establishment, the table shower will occur either before or after the massage. Before the massage a table shower ensures that you are completely clean and likely enhances the experience for the therapist. After the massage the shower helps to remove the massage oil from your skin. This is particularly welcome in some instances where heavily scented oils are used.

Comfort Level

Regardless of before or after, the table shower is usually done completely nude. For this reason you must decide if you are comfortable with that nudity or not before entering the shower room. Some establishments will provide the client with disposable underwear to wear during the shower or at the very least cover the genitalia with a cloth.

Washing the Back

Most table showers begin with the client face down on a table. The table is designed to become wet and has drains on the sides. The therapist adjusts the water to a comfortable temperature before you lie on the table. Once the client is face down on the table, the client is wet from the neck to the soles of the feet. A loofah or washcloth is then used to lather the entire back side of the body. The hair and head are left untouched. Once the back is rinsed the therapist will ask the client to turn over.

Turning Over

It is at this point that some discomfort can present itself. If you were not provided with disposable underwear and are totally nude there is no way to avoid exposing the genitalia and breasts to the therapist. This exposure does not last long but it does happen, so be prepared for it. Most therapists will cover the genitalia with a cloth and in the case of breasts the client can request that they are covered.

Washing the Front and Conclusion

The process is repeated and the front part of the body is wet down, again avoiding the head and the face. The client is again washed with soap and then rinsed. Once complete, the therapist will leave the room while the client dries off. Most therapists will assist the client in sitting up prior to leaving the room.