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There is more to Brazilian style than flip flops and barely-there bikinis. Market editor of Vogue magazine Emma Elwick has said "Brazilian design and designers are spearheading a new look that is increasingly taking over in Europe and the US." Brazilian clothing is known for bold colors and designs. It is vivid, comfortable and sometimes decorated with attractive laces.

Brazilian Culture


Brazil occupies an area along the eastern coast of South America. The largest part of the country is tropical. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries a number of immigrants settled in Brazil. These included German, Japanese, Italian, Arab and Spanish. These cultures contributed to creating a multiethnic and multicultural society.

Traditional Brazilian Clothing

Rio de Janeiro is popular for its magnificent beaches, and women in this area dress for sun bathing. In Bahia, many women prefer traditional African clothing. Traditional dress includes; a bright colorful shawl, long full skirt and head scarf. They also wear colorful beaded necklaces and bracelets.


The Brazilian Bikini bottom has a signature cut. It is very high on the hips, and barely covers the pelvic bone in the front. Tanga bottoms offer moderate coverage while the fio dental literally means dental floss in the rear. Brazilian bikini tops leave little to the imagination. The triangle top covers the breast area with two fabric cups, shaped like a triangle. The halter top has the same shape but uses more fabric. Another top is called bandeau which is a slender tube top.

Urban Brazil


In the urban areas of Brazil, most people prefer modern attire. Short skirts and dresses are very popular among women. Brazilian jeans are the most common staple in a Brazilian women's wardrobe. Jeans made for women are tight-fitting and loosely tapering near the feet. Brazilian jeans come in a wide variety of designs, styles and textures.

Brazilian Couture

There are many high fashion designers from Brazil. The clothing is as hot and exotic as the country. A few clothing brands from Brazil are: Animale, Cavendish, Ellus and Zoomp.