A well-respected cookware company, Calphalon makes a wide variety of pots and pans. The company offers cookware made out of stainless steel, anodized aluminum and several other materials. While designed to perform similar tasks, different cookware materials behave differently on the stovetop.

Stainless Steel

Calphalon makes stainless steel sauce pans and omelette pans that are "tri-ply," meaning that two layers of stainless steel form a "sandwich" around an aluminum core.

Value of Tri-Ply

An aluminum core in a stainless steel pan ensures even heat, since aluminum is a great conductor of heat. Stainless steel is used on the outside because it is a nonreactive metal, meaning you can cook acidic foods in it without affecting their taste. In a test of cookware, the magazine "Cook's Illustrated" found that cookware that is fully tri-ply performed better than cookware where only the bottom is triple clad.

Anodized Aluminum

Calphalon also has a line of anodized aluminum cookware. Their anodized cookware is heavy, nonstick, and conducts heat well.

Nonstick Coatings

One line of Calphalon cookware, "Unison" is coated with two different materials, one called "Slide Nonstick" and the other "Sear Nonstick." The company claims that these coatings are specially designed to trap flavor when searing and cooking.

Simply Calphalon

The Simply Calphalon line is designed for cooks on a budget. The pieces cost considerably less than other Calphalon lines. The stainless steel pots and pans are not fully tri-ply but feature an aluminum-core bottom.