Neck kinks can be so painful that they make you want to vomit. Sometimes neck kinks occur because of injuries, but other times they're the result of our lifestyle.

Body Positioning

If you are awakening with a kink in your neck, consider that your mattress might be too soft or that you are sleeping in an awkward position that is straining your neck. Incorrect body positioning, whether it occurs during sleep or while you work, can result in a kinked neck, according to Yogawiz.com (See Reference 1).


If you are under a lot of stress, this can actually lead to a kinked neck. When we get anxious and tense, our blood doesn't circulate as it is supposed to, and this can lead to pain.


Cervical (neck) arthritis can cause pain, stiffness and kinks in your neck, as can a muscle strain, according to Yogawiz.com. If you suddenly jerked your neck, this may cause your neck muscles to tighten up and feel knotted.


Sometimes an individual will have a muscle spasm in his or her neck for an unknown reason, and this can result in a painful kink and stiffness. Try applying some heat to the spasming area and take an ibuprofen if it is not contraindicated by other medications that you may be taking. Some people prefer applying a cold pack to the area or putting some kind of topical liniment on the sore area.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial pain syndrome can result in recurring muscle spasms that can knot up your neck and limit the motility of your neck. According to the Mayo Clinic, myofascial pain syndrome is linked to neck pain as well as arm and leg pain, headaches, low back pain, pelvic pain and jaw pain. This syndrome occurs when tight muscle fibers form in your muscles because of overuse or an injury. These areas become very sensitive.

When to See a Doctor

The Mayo Clinic (see References 2) advises that if your neck pain doesn't resolve itself in a matter of a few days and you are still unable to touch your chin to your chest, make an appointment with your physician. If, after experiencing neck kinks and pain, you notice loss of sensation in your arms and legs, this could indicate a neurological problem and you need to seek treatment immediately. If you are experiencing sharp shooting pains as a result of your neck kink, this may mean that your nerves are irritated. This is particularly true if the pain is spreading to your shoulders and down your arm and to your hand.


Dr. Robert Kunkel of the Cleveland Clinic (see Reference 3) recommends that people not use pillows when they sleep. He has observed that many people who experience neck kinks and pain are much better off when they don't use a pillow.

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