What Are the Benefits of Woodroot Tonic?

By Carole Simm

Woodroot tonic originates from Jamaica. It was used by the Maroons to protect themselves from sickness epidemics, and to keep male and female reproductive organs healthy. Today, it is mainly used as a general tonic for people who are feeling tired and run down.

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Distilled water.

Woodroot tonic comprises a variety of all-natural ingredients, suspended in distilled water. They include chaney and sarsaparilla roots, African cayenne, goat corn, milk wise and nin wiss.

Circulatory System

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Chaney roots are credited with cleansing the blood, and sarsaparilla roots with boosting circulation of blood through the body. Some herbalists recommend woodroot tonic for detoxification of the circulatory system.

Pain Relief

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Arthritis pain.

Sarsaparilla roots are an herbal remedy for assuaging rheumatism and arthritis pain, and chaney roots are also used for treating arthritis. Black wiss, another ingredient of woodroot tonic, is used for general pain relief.


Cayenne Pepper
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Cayenne pepper.

Cayenne aids the digestive process and is also credited with healing ulcers. As well as being good for the nerves, goat corn acts as a mild laxative. Sarsaparilla root helps support efficient liver function.


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Take tonic in the morning.

Woodroot is a gentle tonic that should be taken each morning to promote good general health and well-being. It reputedly boosts the immune system, protects against colds and eliminates excess mucus.