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Pharmaton capsules are natural supplements intended to relieve daily fatigue. They are made from a ginseng extract called ginseng G115. Pharmaton is qualified as a phyto-based medicine. This is a medicine that uses plants or parts thereof as the active ingredient. Phyto-based medicines have been proven to be excellent alternative treatments for many conditions including daily fatigue, stress and exhaustion. More than 30 clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of Pharmaton capsules.


Pharmaton capsules are intended to treat daily fatigue by reducing tiredness and enhancing mental and physical performance throughout the day. The effects of the capsules should be felt within a few weeks of when they're first taken, if taken regularly. They manage and maintain energy levels by relieving feelings of exhaustion and tiredness, thereby increasing mental focus and physical performance. This can have a variety of benefits in both personal and professional settings.

Evidence provides several clinical studies on their website to support their claims that the ginseng G115 extract can relieve daily fatigue and increase overall vitality. They present as proof a quality-of-life study on functional exhaustion conducted by French scientist Martine Le Gal at the University of Mexico, that proved that ginseng G115 could improve vitality in spite of poor diet. A separate general vitality study conducted at the University of Bergen, Sweden, found similar results.


It is important to be aware of the risks involved when taking any kind of medicine, alternative or otherwise. It is also important to know that any medicine you're considering taking is effective and generally safe. Like most drugs, Pharmaton capsules have been proven safe when taken at appropriate doses. It has not been shown to cause dependence or addiction and there is no evidence to indicate that it may lead to intolerance. It has no significant side effects.

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