Pharmaton capsules are natural supplements made from a ginseng extract called ginseng G115, intended to relieve daily fatigue. They’re qualified as a phyto-based medicine—a medicine with active ingredients derived from plants—which have been proven to be excellent alternative treatments for conditions like daily fatigue, stress, and exhaustion. More than 30 clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of Pharmaton capsules.


Pharmaton manages and maintains energy levels and enhances mental and physical performance throughout the day. If taken regularly, the effects should be felt within a few weeks, and this can improve both your personal and professional life.


One quality-of-life study on functional exhaustion, conducted at the University of Mexico, proved that ginseng G115 could improve vitality in spite of poor diet. A separate general vitality study from the University of Bergen, Sweden found similar results.


It’s important know that any medicine you’re considering taking, alternative or otherwise, is effective and generally safe; and you should also be aware of the risks involved. Pharmaton capsules have been proven safe when taken at appropriate doses. It hasn’t been shown to cause dependence or addiction, and there’s no evidence to indicate that it may lead to intolerance.