What Are the Benefits of Mixing Raw Honey & Lemon Juice?

By James Highland

Many natural compounds are used in cooking, but some have additional benefits, especially when combined together. Honey and lemon juice are two such ingredients that offer various treatments and benefits when they are mixed. The thick, sweet makeup of honey and the tart, acidic qualities of lemon juice are considerably different, but together they make a powerful compound.

Honey, with lemon, offers many health benefits.

Weight Loss

Together, honey and lemon may help resolve a weight problem. A combination of these two ingredients helps lower cholesterol and release stored fat for immediate burning. Mixing one part honey with two parts lemon juice into a glass of water creates a healthy beverage that should be taken twice daily to aid in any weight loss program.

Sore Throat

Honey and lemon relieve sore throats.

A common symptom of influenza, colds and bacterial infections is the sore throat. Allergies, hay fever, cold weather and dry air can also cause this common ailment. While many medications exist to treat the symptom, the honey-and-lemon combination may be just as effective, if not more so. Simply mix the two together and slowly swallow to allow them to coat the throat. It is acceptable to take this mixture several times a day, using approximately 1 tbsp. for each dose. In addition to relieving sore throats, the honey and lemon juice mixture can tackle other throat symptoms as well, including the itching and tickling that occur with some allergies.


Honey and lemon added to tea has long been enjoyed by tea drinkers.

Tea drinkers have long enjoyed the benefits of taste and texture provided by honey and lemon. They can be added separately or together to a cup of tea to enhance its flavor. It is also possible to make tea out of these ingredients directly. The result is a sweet and sour beverage that is soothing and relaxing. Mix two parts honey to one part lemon juice and one part white sugar. Add honey to hot water first, then mix in lemon juice and stir. Finally add the sugar and stir until all ingredients are dissolved. This is a favorite tea for many people, and helps soothe sore throats.