What Are the Benefits of Enemas?

By Asba Lee

An enema is a health procedure wherein you gently force water or another liquid solution into your bowels through your anus to loosen fecal matter and other impacted material. The health benefits of an enema vary and generally depend on the solution used. Enemas can make up a part of your regular health routine; many recipes exist for various health conditions. If you have not yet become accustomed to enemas, you may find it difficult to hold the water/solution in your bowels. Adding Epson salts to your enema solution can assist you in retaining the solution in your bowels (depending on the enema recipe).

Many people give themselves an enema using a bulb syringe.

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Enemas clean out impacted food and toxins that become stuck in the colon. An enema can make you feel lighter and refreshed once you have removed these toxins.

Colon Cleansing

Lemon and Epson salt enemas work well for cleaning the colon, while lemon juice enemas can help with chronic colitis problems. An alfalfa enema can provide minerals, vitamins and protein for the colon.

Weight Loss

Coffee enemas, which reduce the formation of gallbladder stones, may improve your general health, benefit your skin and help with weight loss.


A chamomile tea enema helps get rid of cramps and diarrhea, as well as help you relax. Yarrow root solution enemas promote general liver, stomach and gland health. Coffee enemas relax blood vessels, which can lead to better circulation.


Catnip enemas can provide energy and help lower fevers, remedy colds and reduce flatulence. (Burdock root solution enemas can help purify the blood and improve kidney function. Good for your eyes and high in iron, a red raspberry leaf enema can also alleviate many female problems.