What Are the Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea?

By Amanda Thompson

The dandelion is a valuable herb which originated in Europe and has been used throughout history to treat a variety of ailments and conditions. The dandelion root contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your health. When made into a tea, it has several medicinal uses.

The root of the dandelion contains many vitamins and minerals.

Digestive Aid

Dandelion root tea can be used as a laxative and helps to digest fats and oils. According to the Nutritional Supplements Center, dandelion root is a mild appetite stimulant. Dandelion root tea is used to help relieve digestive problems such as flatulence, fullness and constipation.

Heart Health

Dandelion root tea is often prescribed by herbalists for people who have a weakened heart. According to the Nutritional Supplements Center, dandelion root tea provides vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B complex, which are all important for heart health.

Hypertension Treatment

Dandelion root tea contains potassium, which can help lower blood pressure. According to the website Herbs 2000, dandelion root tea is used in Europe to treat hypertension.

Improved Liver and Kidney Function

Dandelion root contains a high iron content. As a result, dandelion root tea is beneficial in treating liver ailments and can help rid the liver of toxins. It is more effective to drink the tea on a regular basis to help any liver ailments.

The Nutritional Supplements Center notes that dandelion root tea contains potassium, which can help with kidney function.

Anemia Treatment

Dandelion root tea is often used to treat anemia because of its high iron and zinc content.

Mood Stabilizer

Dandelion root tea contains the B-complex vitamins, which help stabilize mood. Dandelion root tea may be recommended to those suffering from depression.