What Are Silk Wrap Nails?

By Kelly Taylor

Silk wraps are an alternative nail-wrapping technique to fiberglass. They are applied over the natural nail. This particular type of wrap allows for the regular nails to breathe while protecting them. Those visiting a nail salon often choose either a French manicure or a clear-polish silk wrap.


The silk used in silk wraps is a natural fiber which, when applied, absorbs the glue to form a protective coating on and around the regular nail.


Silk wraps shield the natural nail while it is growing out. They also allow for the regular nails to breathe.


After the regular nails are free of dirt and have been buffed, silk wraps are applied, cut to fit the natural fingernail, secured with surface resin, buffed until smooth. The residue dust is brushed away, cuticles are moisturized, and a protector seals over the nails to lock in the silk and provide a lustrous finish.


Those who use their hands quite a bit while doing housework or at their job will benefit from silk wrap nails due to their durability.


It's best to keep nail cuticles moistened and cleaned while wearing silk wraps. Unclean cuticles can pave the way for infections and fungus growth.