What Are Chip Steaks

The chip steak was invented in 1936 and was popular throughout the years following because of its value and its ease of cooking. Though chip steaks have decreased in popularity, this frozen, thin sliced patty is still widely available for purchase online and at butcher shops. Most often cooked and served on a bun, chip steak patties make for a quick and easy meal.


The chip steak began, as many great inventions do, by accident. Butcher William Dubil of Pomona, California discovered that a cut of bottom round beef had been frozen accidentally during storage. Despite his inclination that this cut of beef would spoil as it thawed, he sliced the beef into paper thin patties and allowed the frozen cuts to slow thaw in his refrigerated display counter. Much to his surprise, the meat did not go bad, and instead became a tasty delicacy which he named chip steaks.

How Chip Steaks are Made

Since their invention, the chip steak has become a mass-manufactured item, coming from various cuts of meat. Despite being originally made from bottom round, chip steaks are now made from loins as well. The fat and bones are cleaned from these rounds and loins, then frozen for 24 hours at an extremely low temperature. Once removed from the deep freeze, the meat is cut on a meat slicer into paper thin 4 1/2-to 6-strips. Six strips are stacked on top of each other to create one patty.

Uses and Recipes

Chip steaks, also known as sizzle steaks, are most often cooked frozen, without thawing or defrosting. Chip steaks can be fried on the stove top or grilled, then served on a bun like a hamburger patty. There are also many chip steak recipes for the more adventurous cook, including a baked chip steak with marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese, and a stuffed chip steak that can be eaten as a meatloaf or served on a bun like a sandwich. Chip steak is now commonly used in the popular Philly cheese steak sandwiches.

Where to Purchase Chip Steaks

Shortly after inventing the chip steak, William Dubil began his own company to manufacture them, called the National Chip Steak Company. Though this company is no longer in existence, a number of national meat manufacturers produce and sell chip steaks. These manufacturers allow the consumer to order frozen chip steaks over the Internet or through wholesale suppliers. If you prefer a fresh chip steak, consult your local butcher. Most supermarkets do not carry fresh chip steak, but they may have frozen ones.