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Jewish apple cake is a moist cake served for breakfast or as a dessert dish. Although all apples are suitable for the recipe, bakers of the cake favor a few. Add your favorite apples and create your own recipe. Mix a variety of apples to achieve different results. Since some apples are juicy, while others are dry, juicier apples may increase the baking time of your cake.

Cortland Apples

Cortland apples are an heirloom variety, grown in New York since the latter part of the 19th century. It is a cross between a Ben Davis apple and a McIntosh. Cortland apples hold up well when baked, not turning to mush in the process. The white flesh of Cortland's does not turn brown as quickly as some varieties, so they need no lemon juice before adding to a cake recipe. They are a good combination of sweet, juicy and tart in one apple.

Gala Apples

Gala apples are related to Golden Delicious and have a similar taste. They are native to New Zealand and are grown extensively in the state of Washington. These apples are at their peak and available as early as August, but are not available for a long period. They are among the sweetest apples, with a crunch that holds up well in baking. To get a jump on the traditional fall baking season, Gala apples are a good choice.

McIntosh Apples

McIntosh apples are among the easiest to find in the market. A native of Canada, they are grown in every region where apples are grown. They are available almost year-round, though they are best from September through February. Other times of the year, they are in cold storage. These apples have a sweet, juicy taste with a softer flesh. McIntosh apples get somewhat mushy when baked in a cake, adding moistness to the finished product. Combine McIntosh apples with crisper varieties for a good blend of moistness and bite.

Ginger Gold Apples

Ginger Gold apples are an offspring of Golden Delicious and Pippin apples. They are among the earliest available in the fall. They are only available for a short time and do not store well. The Ginger Gold is a firm, crisp apple with white flesh that holds its shape well, even when cooked. If you prefer your Jewish apple cake to have more chewiness and be less mushy, Ginger Gold is a good choice. This apple also has a hint of spice to it, adding more flavor to your baking.

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