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Skin that gets exposed to too much sun runs the risk of becoming burnt. A sunburn makes skin tender and red, and also results in peeling of the skin. While enjoying the sun, get a tan and prevent peeling by protecting the skin with SPF lotion. Maintain that bronze look by taking proper care of the skin when not out in the sun.


Take a cool shower after exposure to the sun. If skin has gotten too much exposure, this helps to take away some of the heat from the skin. If skin has already started to peel a few days after sun exposure, gently exfoliate to remove the dead skin. Be sure, however, not to remove the tender, new skin.


Make sure to apply a lot of moisture to sun-exposed skin. If out in the sun, use lotion that is at least 30 SPF on exposed skin, and reapply the lotion every couple hours. If already exposed, stop peeling and keep a tan by adding a lot of moisturizing lotion to the skin. If the skin is slightly burned from the sun, aloe vera provides cooling relief. Be sure to apply this to the skin to help prevent peeling and promote tanning.

Cover Up

Once skin has been exposed to some sun, cover it up to give it a chance to cool down and to prevent burning. If a sunburn occurs, there is nothing to be done to prevent skin from peeling. Covering already exposed areas, however, prevents further damage and provides protection for tender skin.


Drink a lot of water throughout the day to help the skin retain the moisture it needs to stop from peeling, and to help hold the healthy glow of a tan. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. For every hour of sun exposure, add at least two extra glasses.