Uses of Coffee Essential Oil

By Carole Bruzzano

Millions of people around the world, since the 15th century, have been enjoying coffee for its fresh, full flavor and stimulating influence on the body. Coffee's stimulating effect on the body increases levels of concentration and clarity of thought. It is also a powerful antioxidant influencing healing and well-being. As an essential oil, it is used in beauty and household products and by aromatherapists for its healing aroma and strong, invigorating fragrance of freshly brewed coffee.

Essential coffee oil is extracted from coffee plants for use in beauty products.

Extraction Methods

Coffee oil has the strong aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Essential coffee oil is extracted from coffee plants through one of two processes. The first is the cold pressed method. This process uses a low heat procedure for extracting the oil. The second process is called the CO2 method. This process uses carbon dioxide to retrieve the oil. Both processes extract the thick and syrupy oil from the coffee plant. Its scent is rich and full and smells like freshly brewed coffee.

Aromatherapy Uses

Coffee oil adds a fresh aroma to perfumed oils and air fresheners.

Essential coffee oil is used in aromatherapy practices for its healing effects on the mind and body. The aroma from this essential oil is said to enhance a sense of well-being and mental alertness. It is used in beauty products such as soaps and skin lotions. It has also been used in lotions to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Essential coffee oil is used in candles, air fresheners and perfumed oils for its fresh aroma.

Antioxidant Abilities

Coffee relieves depression and reduces headaches and the risk of gallstones.

Essential coffee oil is used for improving a person's well-being, physically and mentally. It can decrease the occurrence of respiratory issues, lower fevers, treat bug stings and decrease feelings of nausea. Coffee contributes to metabolizing glucose in the system and increasing the body's response to insulin when taken internally. Studies have shown that antioxidants in coffee improve liver function by decreasing the risk of liver cancer and cirrhosis.


Essential coffee oil is added to soaps for its therapeutic effects on the mind and body.

Essential oils are not meant to be taken internally. Individuals who have an existing health condition should avoid the use of essential oils until approved by a doctor. Children and women who are pregnant should not use essential oils without a physician's approval. Do not apply essential oils directly to the skin in concentration since they may cause skin irritations. Conduct a skin test and wait 24 hours to see if an allergic reaction develops.